NEFCO Announces a Multi-Panel Mounting Section for Its Algae Cover Systems

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NEFCO has developed a new feature for its Algae Cover System that ensures accurate alignment of the cover despite variations in the tank wall. This feature also dramatically speeds and simplifies the Cover installation.

NEFCO’s Algae Cover System consists of an arrangement of two-piece Cover segments, each consisting of a Mounting Section and a Cover Section connected by a continuous stainless steel hinge. The Mounting Section can be fastened to the tank wall or the weir wall and serves as the fixed base for the hinged Cover Section. The alignment of the installed cover is determined by the alignment and spacing of each Mounting Section. The alignment of the Mounting Section, in turn, is affected by the roundness and smoothness of the tank wall.

Now, NEFCO has developed a Multi-Panel Mounting Section designed to accommodate as many as three individual Cover Sections on a single Mounting Section.  The longer Mounting Section serves to smooth over irregularities in the tank wall. The attached Cover Sections are pre-aligned and accurately spaced. Installation time is reduced by more than half.

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